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Vessel Hull / Prop Cleaning & Inspection Service / Zinc Replacement

Ship Inspection / Repair

We rid the boat's exterior surface of all grime, algae and marine life. Regular hull cleaning and maintenance will prolong the life of your vessel. We inspect, and clean props. This provides top engine performance and affects the lifespan of your vessel.

Hull / Prop inspection is completed during monthly contract hull maintenance. Whether you have run aground, become tangled in netting or hit an underwater object, our divers can remove the entanglement, or perform a repair / replacement of a vessels prop if necessary. Of course visibility is a factor to allow the service to be completed but can usually be provided on-site. Prop repairs, our divers are able to remove it, get it repaired and return it when the prop is ready to be reinstalled. Zinc replacement are also a service provided.

We have repaired holes in Navy ships water tanks, contract tugboat generator fresh water lines at many shipyards. 

Professional Diving Service covers the Hampton Roads area up to the Eastern Shore, down to North Carolina down to the Outer Banks. A travel fee will be charged 50 miles outside the Dam Neck / Oceana area.

 Call today or go to our appointment scheduler  and schedule a time for our staff to visit. 

Cleaning the 141 foot ship RV White Holley at Ocean Marine Yacht Center, Portsmouth, Va.

We Dive all year, all weather conditions, in 

many marina's from the Eastern Shore down to 

the Outer Banks of North Carolina.

Repairing a ship at Little Creek Amphibious 

Base, Virginia Beach, Va. 

The ship had a hole in one of its fresh water 

tanks starboard side.

Raising a sunken boat at the pier in the

Crowne Plaza Marina, Hampton, Va.

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