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Instead of having your mooring anchor pulled to have the anchor and chain inspected, our professional diving team will check the anchor, chains, bouys, shackles at a lot cheaper rate. If the chain or any of the shackles need replaced, Professional Diving Service will replace those items at a cheaper rate than having the anchor pulled up and then put back down.

The chain with links that are getting thin and the chain needs to be replaced. 

A new complete Mooring System can replace the old worn out system. 

 Call today or go to our appointment scheduler  and schedule a time for our staff to visit. 

Videos of sunken boats and stolen cars.

Cracks in swimming pools.

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  • "I am so very pleased with Professional Diving Service. They do what they say they are going to do. They spotted problems with my hull and my props. They actually took pictures a..."
    Pat Miller
    Boat Owner, Little Creek Marina
  • "We are very pleased with Professional Diving Services. They came highly recommended to us and now we are highly recommending them to others! Thanks Pro Dive!"
    Bree and John Wilson